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My name is Nicolas Guiraud I am a French CG Artist based in London, my specialization are Modeling and Texturing.

Graduated from Animation French School Supinfocom in 2005, I started working as a Generalist for feature films in Paris and I quickly specialized in Modelling and Texturing.

As a freelance during 6 years in Paris I have worked in several companies with different Pipelines and used all the major 3D packages in production (Maya, Xsi and 3Dsmax). I am also using Zbrush, Mari and Mudbox and I always looking for any new features or scripts which can improve the quality of my work.

As a senior Modeller I have a strong knowledge of the topology in both hard surface and character modelling, I always aim to make my models clean and optimized by finding a good balance between details in the geometry and details in the Displacement.

I show a deep interest in new technology and in the CG industry, I am a member of the Siggraph since 2005 and have been a volunteer several times to setup the conference in the USA. I like working in a cosmopolitan environment, for me it is a good way to improve your skills by sharing your knowledge with different people.

In 2011 I moved to London and I already had the opportunity to work on great projects at The Mill, Passion Pictures and now I am working for The Moving Picture Company. In 2012 MPC sent me as Modelling & Texturing TD in Bangalore (India) to train the new team in the Asset Dpt.

Modeling | Texturing | Rendering


Maya | Xsi | 3dsmax | zBrush | Mudbox
Mari | Photoshop | UVlayout | Image Modeller
Nuke | Shake | AEffect | MentalRay | Arnold

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